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The Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies is a place for adventurous students who want to understand the complex interconnections between the arts, social structures, and history. Interdisciplinary and global in scope, our courses provide students with opportunities for detailed cultural analysis in a broad historical and intellectual context. We create an interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizing material culture, music, literature, intellectual history, and social history in order to understand how the arts participate in the cultural construction of social reality. We welcome students who are dedicated, open-minded and willing to work across traditional academic disciplines.

The Humanities and Cultural Studies department offers an undergraduate degree with three options for a concentration:


Humanities Concentration

Humanities is the study of human culture, emphasizing how cultural values develop and are communicated through the arts. It explores the complex interconnections between visual arts, music, literature, material culture, social structures, and ideas. The objective of the program is to provide students with knowledge of their global cultural heritage and its meanings, and to prepare students for a career in education or communication.

For more information click here: Humanities Concentration.

Program Requirements (PDF): Humanities Concentration

American Studies Concentration

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the United States. It explores America’s cultures and values through the history of its arts, literature, films, and music, incorporating social and political dimensions such as law, business, foreign policy, religion, geography, gender, and ethnicity. The objective of the program is to provide students with an understanding of the enduring patterns and changing dynamics of American culture, and to prepare them for a career in education, politics, or communication.

For more information click here: American Studies Concentration

Program Requirements (PDF): American Studies Concentration

Film & New Media Studies Concentration

The concentration in Film and New Media Studies gives students the historical background and analytical skills needed to understand how film and new media (including television, video games, and the internet) communicate values and reshape our perspectives on the world.

For more information click here: Film & New Media Studies Concentration

Program Requirements (PDF): Film & New Media Studies Concentration

Want to Get Started?

For more information about how to get started on your Humanities or American Studies Degree, please contact the Humanities and American Studies Undergraduate Advisor at You may find the advisor's information on the advising page.

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