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The department welcomes Dr. Andrew Berish as its interim chair. A scholar of jazz and popular music, Dr. Berish is currently working on a book about Tin Pan Alley love songs during World War II. He is excited to be leading the department into 2016-2017, an event-packed year of visiting speakers, film screenings, and undergraduate and graduate research symposia. Dr. Berish encourages people interested in the department and its programs to email or visit him in Cooper 365.







Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of our USF Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies Newsletter! this text to the PDF Thanks for taking the time to read this. When I look at the news and what is happening across the globe, more than ever I think that studying the humanities is vital for individuals who wish to lead a rich, purposeful, and rewarding life. There is no contemporary global problem or pressing social issue that does not have a cultural component, which is why as teachers, students, and friends of the humanities we know that departments like ours play a fundamental role in building the future.

This past year HCS continued to thrive at USF – our classes are full, our enrollments are up, and our students are doing a superb job engaging in the kind of close reading and cultural analysis that we think yields insight and promotes creativity. We have consolidated several degree programs under a single umbrella, streamlined our curriculum, and given renewed attention to how our individual courses combine to produce a superb liberal arts education.

Lots continues to happen on the third floor of Cooper Hall this year. The department hosted a colloquium as part of our ongoing Cultural Studies speaker exchange with the University of Central Florida. Dr. Lanlan Kuang gave a fascinating talk titled "Heritage, Performance, and Ethnography in the Digital Age." Her work combines aesthetics, film, cultural studies, heritage, ethnography, and music to analyze the amazing Dunhuang caves on the Silk Road in what is today western China. It is wonderful to be able to bring fellow travelers in the Humanities to USF to share their expertise. In addition, you will hear in the pages that follow about some of the work and accomplishments of our students, alumni, and faculty.Finally, special thanks to Christie Rinck for making this Newsletter happen.

Bill Cummings

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